Your stay will be characterised by ecology, health and culture: the National Sustainable Development Centre “Il girasole” encourages stays for the promotion of an ecological and sustainable tourism and it plays a mediating role in the relationship between school and territory.



It is a path created with the purpose of showing the natural environment of the Centre. Thanks to it our guests will have the opportunity to see the peculiarities of the Mediterranean maquis and of the local countryside. The path is equipped with signs where you can read specific information and it is made of 7 main stops which allow you to observe closely some characteristics of the vegetation and fauna of the Centre and more generally of Maremma. The “path of fragrances” allows guests to recognise some of the plants of the Mediterranean maquis from their fragrances and smells. In the “Garden of the Butterflies” you will have a close view of these beautiful and mysterious insects, moreover there are other specific places where the guests can stop to sight some of most typical animals of this area. Walking the nature path it is also possible to get to know in detail and observe new technologies in the field of alternative energies: the Centre is provided with technologies which aim at saving energy and using renewable energy sources, such as solar arrays, a wind turbine, a fermentation gas plant and a composting station for the treatment of the waste organic parts.