Who we are

Sustainable Development National Centre (led by Legambiente, the biggest Italian organization for environmental protection), is a comfortable place with a relaxing atmosphere. It's the perfect place for tourism, ecological activities, seminars, meetings and training courses. The Centre is located near the Regional Park of Maremma. Being a place surrounded by nature, it suits single individuals, as well as families and groups who wish to spend some time in a peaceful and natural place.

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Legambiente National Centre is located in the heart of Maremma, in a privileged position which makes it the perfect place to start hikes and walking tours in the wide environmental and landscape heritage of our land. Roselle's archaeological site, Uccellina Natural Park, Sovana, Sorano and Pitigliano’s Etrurian evidences, Faunal Reserve of Amiata Mountain are only some of the many possible itineraries for guests of the Centre, located very close to some of the most beautiful Italian beaches and sea-sideresorts, such as Cala Violina and Castiglione della Pescaia.


Legambiente Sustainable Development Centre is in the heart of Maremma, in the E.N.A.O.L.I. centre located at the entrance of the Regional Park of Maremma (Alberese, Rispescia). The Centre is 7 kilometres South of Grosseto and can be easily reached by car driving along the Aurelia SS1 up to Rispescia- Enaoli.

For those coming by train, the closest train station is in Grosseto.



To improve our guests' stay the National Centre “Il Girasole”, which has a large parking lot, offers a wide range of services to satisfy the individual or group’s needs. You can fully or partially book the centre where you can choose between double or multiple rooms; moreover the menus in our restaurant can be modified for children and guests with special eating needs, like celiac people. Finally you will have at your disposal equipment (overhead projectors, computers, etc) if you wish to organize meetings or workshops.


National Sustainable Development Centre is the perfect place for summer stays, ecological and tourist activities, meetings, seminars and training courses; it's located near to the Natural Park of Maremma in an area surrounded by nature. Individual guests, families, package tours groups and all those people who want to spend a relaxing time in a natural place are welcome. The Centre can host up to 100 guests in double or multiple rooms with inside bathrooms and it has two well-equipped rooms and laboratories perfect to organize meetings.


Water is not an unlimited resource; changes in our lifestyles led to an invaluable waste, to the pollution and depletion of underground resources and to an incredible grow of the collective prices. Today waste water treatment using plants is an environmentally friendly alternative which is also economically convenient. Basically it is a natural process to purify waste water using plants as biological filters because they're able to reduce the polluting substances contained in the water. The Centre is provided with a waste water treatment plant which was designed on the basis of its own needs: it allows a re-use of waste water for the irrigation of gardens and fields. Moreover visiting our waste water treatment plant could be an useful experience to enrich educational activities connected with the water topic.


The Agritourism Centre “Il Girasole” considers healthy and natural nutrition one of its strength points; here you can find a restaurant with typical and traditional dishes for whose preparation we use organic and natural products. Our aim is to offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy a healthy stay with all the taste of the Maremma’s pre-eminent food farming productions, moreover the food and wine offer of our Centre is enriched with tastings, workshops on taste and food education courses for adults, children and teenagers.

A trip among the tastes and traditions of Maremma: when you sit at our tables, you won’t simply try food, but you will make a journey through real Tuscany, characterised by the unique tastes and fragrances of the earth; our bread and home-made pasta, for example, are prepared for You by local producers following traditional methods.

Our meat comes from the cattle of our countryside; here you will be able to try cheese, various kinds of salami, vegetables, olive oil and wine that respect the tradition and the history of the land they come from.


Legambiente Sustainable Development Centre’s restaurant offers a great variety of food and dishes in respect of two very important aspects. Our food is not only good and tasty, because we closely follow our Mediterranean cooking traditions, but it is also genuine and healthy because we always use seasonal products coming from our land to prepare all dishes.



Legambiente Sustainable Development Centre chose to use raw materials that come from organic and biodynamic agriculture and breedings. Organic agriculture is a production method based on environmentally friendly farming and breeding techniques. The products are therefore healthy, with a high and genuine nutrition value. They come from small farms with many functions and they are produced with the lowest possible level of auxiliary energies (eg.: pesticides, and chemicals, etc.). Thanks to their intrinsic qualities, organic agriculture’s products are good, tasty and they can be safely eaten. They have higher nutrition values than the products from conventional agriculture (researches demonstrated that in organic products there is a greater quantity of vitamins and mineral salts) to the benefit of our health.

The taste and flavour of our dishes is therefore connected with this essential additional value: the respect of old wine and food traditions and the use of organic and seasonal food are the strength points of our restaurant.